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Retinex and improving brightness with no color losses

The Retinex is improving brightness of color images, by computation of the illumination image. A resulting gamma correction take care of light conditions. The color image maintain all his colors, this was not the case with classic gamma.

The implementation is based on Kimmel's Variational Retinex(Spie 2002). I augment the paper by adding an YIQ variant.

    Lena(384x384) in Color Gamma 1.6 Homomorphic filter+Gamma 1.6
    YIQ Retinex on Y channel HVS Retinex on V channel Histogram Equalisation
    RGB Retinex alpha=0.03, beta=0.25 gamma=1.6 RGB Retinex alpha=0.2, beta=0.0 saturates RGB Retinex alpha=0.0, beta=0.4 contrast