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Complex restoration of images+boundaries.

(Time is computed on PIII/500Mhz)
  • Using Complex numbers with small theta in diffusion, allows the restoration at the same time of the image and the boundaries.(Gilboa2001)
  • The real part displays the restored image with less staircase effects that with real number restoration, but more diffuse results.
  • The complex part displays a laplacian restored image, scaled with time.
  • NEW LOD/AOS Fast complex restorations results are given.(Bernard De Cuyper, 15/10/2003, v0.99)
  • Thanks to Gilboa, Deriche and Weickert & all.
    Original Perona1990 (iter=75, 2.58s)
    Complex Linear Diffusion(Real)(iter=10, 2.86s) Complex Linear Diffusion(Img)(iter=10, 2.86s) Complex NonLinear Diff(Real)(iter=10, 4.25s) Complex NonLinear Diff(Img)(iter=10, 4.25s)
    Complex LOD heat flow(Real)(iter=1, 0.38s) Complex LOD heat flow(Img)(iter=1, 0.34s) Complex AOS NonLinear Diff(Real)(n=1, 1.11s) Complex AOS NonLinear Diff(Img)(n=1, 1.09s)