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Forward/backward FAB restoration.

(Time is computed on PIII/500Mhz)
  • Using local blurring/deblurring in an anisotropic way, at the same time, improves restoration accuracy.(Gilboa2002)
  • The process shows that using shocks can be avoided, and may be less accurate.
  • We demonstrate an explicit FAB Perona, compared with the Perona1990 and Deriche selective shock.
  • A faster AOS Perona FAB implementation is also provided, with less accuracy, but serious improvements.
    Original Perona1990 (iter=75, 2.58s) Gilboa FAB Perona (iter=75, 4.75s)
    AOS SSE1 Perona (iter=5, 0.47s) AOS FAB Perona (iter=5, 0.92s) Selective Shock (iter=30, 2.30s)